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Tuition Refund Policy

Refund Information

The student has a right to a full refund of all tuition charges (less any registration and application fees) if he or she cancels this agreement prior to or on the first class session of instruction or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later.  In addition, the student may withdraw from school after instruction has started and receive a tuition adjustment from the unused portion of the tuition and other refundable charges if the student has completed 60% or less of the instruction.  For example, if the student completes only 12 hours of a 36-hour course and paid $300.00 tuition, the student would receive a refund of $200.00.

$300                x          24 class hours of instruction     =          $200.00

amount paid               paid for but not received                         refund

for instruction            36 class hours of instruction                  amount

Note: This refund, and applies to courses taken at Christian Life College campus. If a student has received federal student financial aid funds, the student is entitled to a refund of money not paid from federal financial aid programs.

Statement on Diversity

Christian Life College desires to be an educational institution where all students flourish, possessing equal opportunity for success. Our distinctiveness and diversity enhances the body of Christ. The College believes that the whole counsel of God includes an emphasis that new birth in Christ supersedes any racial, gender, or socioeconomic lines (Gal. 3:27-29). In accordance with federal law, the College subscribes to and encourages the equal right of all people to pursue excellence in their lives without racial and ethnic prejudice or inhibition. We seek to treat people with love, respect, dignity, and fairness and affirm the uniqueness of each person.

Additionally, believing that cultural diversity will help build leaders of character who are able to serve in an increasingly multicultural society, the College seeks to develop an intentionally diverse academic community. In order to create an environment for our students to learn, the importance of balancing respect for other cultures with a healthy acknowledgment of the strengths and limitations of their own.

As a result, the College expects all students, staff, and faculty to remove from their behavior and speech, as well as from their thinking, all indications of bias with regards to age, race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, or physical ability. Racism in any form will not be tolerated in community life on this campus and will be met with disciplinary measures.

Diversity encompasses inclusion and respect. It appreciates one another, moving beyond mere tolerance to celebrate our differences.

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