Admission to Christian Life College for all degree programs is open to any person who is a high school graduate or who possesses the equivalent, and who has pastoral approval. It is expected that all applicants profess a Christian testimony and a desire for consecrated service. Students without the baptism of the Holy Spirit must seek earnestly until they are filled.

Enrollment Educational Standards

All applicants must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Those who have not maintained at least a “C” average may be admitted on academic probation only. Students on academic probation must remove this deficiency prior to enrolling for their second year in any degree program. A student may petition the Academic Dean for an extension of Academic Probation status.

On-Campus Admission Application Process

Individuals must complete an Application for Admission. This application may be obtained:

Applicants are not officially accepted until all papers have been received and approved and the official notice has been given by the College to the applicant.