Bible and Theology

Bible and Theology Program

The Bible and Theology Program is designed for the student who desires to draw closer in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through a study of Scripture. Students in this program will gain a broad understanding of the Bible, Its origin, authority, and hermeneutical principles. This program provides students: 1) a concentrated exposure to Oneness Pentecostal Theology 2) the skills for preaching and teaching 3) a pathway to contribute to scholarly research through theological writing and 4) a practical application of theology through ministry opportunities.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Bible and Theology program graduates will be able to:

  1. Identify the significant characters of the Bible, Its culture, and events, as well as the Bible’s principal theological themes.
  2. Articulate basic elements of Oneness Pentecostal theology, providing clear biblical support, found in both the Old and New Testaments.
  3. Describe, compare, and contrast major theological systems in order to formulate sound theological positions.
  4. Describe the key issues involved in the major theological controversies that have occurred throughout the history of the church.
  5. Employ effective, compassionate skills for use in various ministry settings.
  6. Demonstrate the correct application of hermeneutical principles in order to develop 1) A proper interpretation of a biblical text. 2) A basic knowledge exegetical study using the original biblical languages.

Topics Covered

  • Christian Apologetics
  • Soulwinning
  • Oneness Pentecostal Theology
  • Biblical Hebrew & Greek Language for Exegesis
  • Ministerial Leadership
  • Preaching
  • History of the Church
  • Study of End-times and Prophecy

Potential Careers and Job Opportunities

The purpose and mission of Christian Life College to equip learners for a life of commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, educational excellence, and lasting service to the kingdom of God.  The types of ministries and careers our degrees lead to will vary upon individual choice.  Below are some suggested career objectives for the Bible and Theology degree:

  • Pastor or associate pastor
  • Spiritual Care
  • Church Administration
  • Missions Work
  • Graduate Religious Education

Graduation Plan / Course Sequence