Welcome to Christian Life College

You are doing more than enrolling in a school, you are joining a family.  Back in 1949, Clyde Haney started Western Apostolic Bible College with the purpose of equipping men and women to answer their God-given callings.  By reaffirming sound biblical doctrine, this school has helped take the Oneness Pentecostal movement to new heights globally.  As a CLC student, you are now part of a great heritage of faith, joining with thousands of other past and present CLC students to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

It is a focus of this school to help every student have a genuine walk with God.  Prayer and devotion are hallmarks of our ministry, and we want you to plug into what God is doing on our campus.  As a God-centered school, we have established policies, guidelines and rules in place to facilitate an environment of spiritual health and unity.  While we all have different personalities and come from different backgrounds, at CLC we learn to join together for a higher purpose.

The faculty and staff are here to assist you on your academic and spiritual journey.  We hope your time here will be productive and enjoyable.  Most of all, we pray that you will have a life-changing encounter with the Lord as you allow Him to accomplish His will in your life.

Again, welcome to the family.


Eli Lopez,
President / Chief Executive Officer