Vision and Mission

Vision, Mission, and Values


To be the leading Oneness Pentecostal institution for learning, theological scholarship, ministry training, and spiritual formation producing influential servant-leaders around the world.


To equip men and women to become influential servant-leaders by offering a biblically based education in an environment of focused spiritual development.


The values of Christian Life College are commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, educational excellence, and lasting service to the kingdom of God.

  1. Commitment to Christ as demonstrated by:
    • Belief in and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ
    • The pursuit of Christian character in word and deed
  2. Biblical Fidelity as demonstrated by:
    • Commitment to the Bible as the inerrant word of God and final authority of faith and practice
    • A hermeneutic that is consistent with Oneness Pentecostal theology
  3. Educational Excellence as demonstrated by:
    • Competency in oral and written communication, information literacy, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking in the context of a Christian worldview
    • Pursuit of truth within the highest standards of academic rigor
    • Personal inquiry and lifelong learning
  4. Lasting Service to the Kingdom of God as demonstrated by:
    • An appreciation of and interaction with the global community
    • Preparation for engagement with diversity of expression and cultures
    • Service and leadership in the local church