Dual-Joint Enrollment

Dual-Joint Enrollment Program

The Dual-Joint Enrollment Program at Christian Life College provides college-level Biblical Study courses as an affordable and efficient way for high school students to gain a head start on earning their college degree, particularly at CLC. General education courses are available on-campus for local students only. Earning college credit provides students with post-secondary academic skills while still in high school and an accelerated college pathway that can reduce time to graduation. Courses will take place through CLC Online, or on our college campus, as an option for local students.


CLC offers a discounted tuition rate for online dual-joint enrollment courses; all courses are $175 per credit (discounted rate) and students can earn up to 24 college credits while still in high school. Compared to courses while in college, CLC’s dual-joint enrollment opportunity offers the potential for significant cost savings in the long term. Local joint enrollment students, having access to on-campus facilities (not including room and board), will assume the standard per credit hour rate of $200, as per the CLC Academic Catalog (all guidelines applicable).

There are no scholarships or certificates associated with the Dual-Joint enrollment program at Christian Life College. All fees are the responsibility of the student/parent.

Academic Experience

Dual-Joint enrollment students earning college credit while still in high school experience the same level of instruction and academic rigor as our traditional college students. In this way, students will be better prepared to succeed at the next academic level of study when they enter CLC or the college of their choice.

Eligible students must:

  • Be a minimum age of 15 years.
  • Be enrolled in, and attending a state-certified high school (Senior, Junior, or Sophomore level) and be on track for graduation
  • Enter the dual-joint enrolment program with, and maintain, a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Submit your official high school transcript, as per the standard application process
  • Submit SAT, or ACT standardized test results, and meet the college entry benchmark for basic reading and math
  • Submit a recommendation from the High School Principal, along with proper parental consent and a statement of financial responsibility

The courses offered by the Dual-Joint Enrollment Program are designed to assist students in preparing and progressing toward a program of study within the College in the future; however, for local students only, studying on campus (not online), general education courses may be taken and transferrable to other accredited institutions at the institution’s discretion.

Although students will not be officially enrolled in a program leading to a degree at CLC, satisfactorily completed credits will be applied to their CLC transcript upon future enrollment. Students may also be able to use earned credits in biblical studies, as elective transfer credits, toward a degree program at accepting institutions upon graduating from high school, and at the institution’s discretion.

Program Course Offerings