Business Administration

Business Administration and Leadership Program

The Business Administration degree exists to train individuals who wish to acquire a professional discipline within the context of a Christian lifestyle, offering a broad and integrated approach to business administration, assessing the social, legal, and economic dimensions of business.  The program strives to produce highly qualified individuals who will have lasting service to the kingdom of God within their respective business communities.

The degree includes the opportunity to develop skills in leadership, administration, marketing, product development, sales force management, advertising, promotion, and non-profit corporate management. The major combines quantitative methods such as economics, law, and human resource management, with qualitative skills in communication, organizational behavior, and systems theory. Management expertise is applied in virtually all areas of business and industry within the context of Godly biblical principles. It is our belief that Biblical teachings are foundational in good business practices within a community.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Business Administration & Leadership program graduates will be able to:

  1. Explain the major concepts in the functional areas of accounting, marketing, finance, and management.
  2. Evaluate the legal, social, and economic environments of business.
  3. Describe the global environment of business.
  4. Describe and explain the ethical obligations and responsibilities of business.
  5. Apply decision-support tools to business decision making.
  6. Construct and present effective oral and written forms of professional communication.
  7. Apply knowledge of business concepts and functions in an integrated manner.

 Topics Covered

  • Leadership
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Non-profit management
  • Financial Accounting for management
  • Human Resources
  • Business Communication
  • Business Ethics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Project Management
  • Business and Non-Profit Law

Potential Careers and Job Opportunities

The purpose and mission of Christian Life College to equip learners for a life of commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, educational excellence, and lasting service to the kingdom of God.  The types of ministries and careers our degrees lead to will vary upon individual choice.  Below are some suggested career objectives and job vocations for the Business Administration degree:

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Banking
  • Human Services
  • Non-profit Administration
  • Office Administrator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing

Graduation Plan / Course Sequence

Business Administration Faculty

The business program faculty is diverse, not only in education but in experience and talent, bringing together a robust program that allows for broad interests and needs, from self-employee entrepreneurial interests to ministerial non-profit and management interests. The program is designed to expose students to the important pillars of good business, but allow students to seek their specialty through the Senior thesis/capstone project. Here students select their advisors and can pursue the study of business that not only interests them but may reveal practical inroads into the goals they may wish to pursue.