Student Success

Student Success

CLC seeks to ensure that all students successfully complete their necessary coursework and meet their educational goals in an acceptable timeframe. To facilitate this objective, the college provides a number of important services through our Student Services Department.

First-time students receive an overview of the process in a Freshman seminar.  The College works closely with ongoing students throughout their program through online student information services and academic advisors.  In this way, CLC endeavors to assist student success from enrollment to graduation.

Students receive academic advising at least twice each semester. CLC provides multiple tools that assist in this process, including online student information system and online learning management system.

The Dean of Students works with the Student Senate to facilitate communication and collaboration between students and staff.  Each class has a student president and secretary and the student body as a whole has a president that represent them. Their primary function is to help current students develop as a CLC Student, both socially and academically.  A major goal of the Student Representatives is to help merge the College’s mission and goals with the student’s goals and Representatives show leadership, professionalism, integrity, and a desire to promote CLC as an institution while showing a commitment to CLC’s vision.

On-campus student employment is available for students needing additional income to pay for education-related expenses, mainly through work-study. Students also find work off campus in the surrounding community.  Financial aid counseling is handled by the Financial Aid office and the Chief Financial Officer.  Students receive counseling on job application and interview techniques as well as good working practices needed to maintain their jobs.

The College also has a mentorship program, where students have the opportunity to be mentored by faculty and successful local ministers of the Center. Also, students are encouraged to meet with the Dean of Students to discuss what careers are available to graduates in their program. This will allow internships to be properly assigned, so students will have an introduction and background in their field of interest.

CLC further assists students in their application of education and ministry and growth as leaders by providing outlets for Summer Intern programs, community outreach programs during school breaks, church service activities (including music opportunities) at the local Center and in the surrounding area Student Clubs and associations regularly have sponsored events and the college provides vans and trailers for students to travel to these events.

Finally, CLC’s focus upon student success continues after graduation.  CLC offers a Ministerial Licensing seminar for graduating students and provides liaisons to local districts within the United Pentecostal Church International for Ministerial Licensing.   The Dean of Student assists graduating students in the process of applying for ministerial licenses in their local UPCI districts in order to help facilitate their placement in their chosen ministries.