Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

All Degree Programs / On-Campus

Annual Per Semester
Tuition – Full-Time $5,000 $2,500
Room and Board (housing and meals) $4,300 $2,150

Full-time equivalent cost per unit at 15 units per semester: $167

Part-time (less than 12 units): Tuition per unit $200

Other Fees Annual Per Semester
Application Fee  $30
Late Application Fee* $55
Late Registration Fee $100
Comprehensive Fee $500 $250
Books (estimated) $500 $250
Room Maint. Fee $100 $50
Graduation Fees $65
Payment Plan Setup Fee $200 (waived if paid in full)
    * Late Application Fee applies for all applications submitted after November 15th for Spring registration and July 15th for Fall registration.
    Note: All fees subject to change without notice.

Payment Options

  • Pay in full (200.00 Payment Plan Fee is waived)
  • Apply for Deferred Payment Plan (Down Payment and Payment Plan Fee applies)
    • $2,550 Down Payment (Due 10 days in advance of dorms opening)
    • $200 Payment Plan Fee
    • $3,600 Down Payment (International Students)
  • Apply for a Sallie Mae Student Loan (Additional Sallie Mae discount may apply)

Deferred Payment Plan – Students may apply for a deferred payment plan. The college requires a down payment and payments due on the first and the fifteenth of the month.

The deferred payment program is designed for students who work a minimum wage job at 25 to 30 hours per week (California minimum wage is 12.00 per hour).

Sallie Mae Student Loan – Why choose a Sallie Mae student loan? Whether you’re looking for a loan to help pay for your undergraduate degree, or a parent helping your student pay for school, our student loans are designed to help you meet your financial needs.

  • To Apply:
    • Visit:
    • Choose “Undergraduate Degree” in California
    • The name of the school is “STOCKTON CHRISTIAN LIFE COLLEGE”