Student Life

Students at Christian Life College are encouraged to live a balanced lifestyle through a focus on spiritual, academic and social activities. Each school year is dedicated to helping the students maintain this balance by providing activities that correspond with each aspect of their lives. Involvement is the key to the success of a well-rounded character.

Spiritual Focus

Students attend church services at Christian Life Center. This allows them to participate in a variety of ministries, from youth, young adult and adult classes and activities. Building an intense spiritual environment of prayer, fasting, and dedication to the Lord is an important goal for the College. In addition, the visions of the founder, Clyde J. Haney, former pastor Kenneth F. Haney, and Pastor Nathaniel Haney have inspired ministers, leaders, teachers, missionaries, foreign Bible colleges and music directors around the world.


  • Bible Conference
  • Landmark
  • Student Landmark
  • Lifeline Young Adults


  • Missions Association
  • Creative Arts Association
  • Music Association
  • Ministerial Association
  • Deaf Ministry Association

Academic Focus

Students at Christian Life College may choose to concentrate their studies in several areas, including Bible and Theology, General Ministry, Christian Music, Missiology (Missions), and Christian Media and Communication. Classes are distinctively Pentecostal in doctrine and practice, giving the students the opportunity to experience an educational integration of spirit and mind.

Social Focus

Students at Christian Life College enjoy a variety of social activities throughout the school year:

  • Labor Day Picnic
  • San Francisco Trip
  • Harvest Party
  • Valentine’s Banquet
  • Yosemite Trip
  • Class Trips
  • End of the Year Banquet
  • Many more!