Accreditation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Accreditation

If I graduated from another Bible College and I transfer my degree, can I get it accredited?

CLC has a very generous transfer credit policy available to our students. Additionally, CLC recognizes Bible Colleges in the UPCI and other Oneness Apostolic schools when determining transfer credits. If you have a question concerning a specific school or credit, check out the transfer credit policy here, and reach out to the CLC Registrar’s office.

Do you have online continuing education courses available for pastors or alumni?

Currently, CLC offers the first year of study online. We are working to have all of our programs fully online by Fall 2020.

How does accreditation impact alumni? Is there a path to obtain an accredited degree?

Unfortunately, WSCUC accreditation does not apply to degrees earned prior to 2019. However, graduates of CLC/WABC can benefit from accreditation in a few ways:

  1. CLC will award a second baccalaureate degree in a different major. This can be accomplished by completing the required courses in that program, and CLC applies all core courses previously earned by the student. Of course, every student is different, so this is done on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Graduates of CLC/WABC can have a greater confidence when applying for jobs, programs, and positions because their degree was earned from an institution that is now accredited.
  3. Lastly, all alumni can take pride in their alma mater and know that now, more than ever, CLC is committed to leading the way in accredited apostolic higher education.

Does this make students eligible for Title IV funds, federal loans, grants, etc.?

At this time, CLC is not participating in Title IV funding. However, a number of our students have already received grants, scholarships, and private student loans to support their educational goals. CLC is committed to keeping its tuition affordable in order to train more future leaders and ministers of the gospel. Our goal is to empower our students to graduate from CLC debt-free.

CLC has created a tuition payment plan that allows our students to earn a degree from an accredited institution, and graduate completely debt-free. In this way, CLC ensures that our students are ready to enter any mission field the Lord will call them to serve. It should be noted that CLC is NOT raising tuition for the fall 2019-2020 school year. Additionally, we take pride in the fact that our students will be able to achieve an affordable degree from an accredited institution.