Disabled Student Program and Services

Disabled Student Program and Services (DSPS)

DSPS provides services designed to meet the unique educational needs of enrolled CLC students with documented disabilities. Services and programs are available to support your needs and improve your academic experience.

Eligibility for Services

CLC will not discriminate against an otherwise qualified student with a disability in the admissions process, or any academic activity or program, including student-oriented services. CLC will provide reasonable accommodation to the known physical and mental limitations of a qualified individual with a disability, unless to do so would impose an undue hardship on the operation of the college, or would fundamentally alter a degree or course requirement.

Qualified students must request reasonable accommodation for disabilities through the DSPS coordinator. We support the success of students with disabilities by providing programs and services that promote access and equal opportunity.

Academic Accommodations

Upon acceptance to CLC, the faculty and staff will work with disabled students to support them in pursuit of their educational goals. Various academic accommodations are available for disabled students provided such support is sustained by statements from professionals that verify the nature of a student’s disability.

Reasonable accommodations may include the following:

  • Allowance for the presence of a sign-language interpreter.
  • Allowance for the presence of a tape recorder.
  • Additional time for in-class assignments (time and a half).
  • Allowance of assistive technology (computer)
  • Peer note-taker or teacher given notes
  • Oral recitation of test questions.
  • Additional time for tests (time and a half).
  • Taking tests in a separate location.

*Tutoring assistance through the Reading and Writing Center will also be made readily available to students with learning disabilities.

Please note: It is not the responsibility of the Academics Office to change any technical requirements of classes, nor to provide the necessary agents of accommodations. CLC highly recommends that students speak with their professors during the first two weeks of each semester about the applicability of their accommodations in that particular course.

How to Apply for Services
New Students

If you are new to Christian Life College and/or DSPS:

  1. Complete a DSPS Application for Services;
  2. Provide Verification of Disability;
  3. Your documentation will be reviewed after it is received;
  4. If you are eligible, your academic advisor will call you to make an appointment with the DSPS coordinator to discuss services and accommodations.
Continuing Students

If you are a continuing student, you must meet with a DSPS coordinator at least once a semester to continue receiving services.


Questions and Information

Vanessa Abrego
Disabled Student Services Coordinator