Application Procedure & Deadlines

Application Procedure & Deadlines

Timeline and Fees

Application Submission Deadline – Fall Semester:  July 1st

Application Submission Deadline – Spring Semester:  November 1st

Begin the Application Process
  1. Using your web browser, navigate to
  2. Choose “APPLY ONLINE.”
  3. Then, choose “CREATE NEW APPLICATION.” After filling in required fields, click submit.
  4. You will receive an email with your login information. Click on “CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE.”
  5. Login using the user ID and password provided in the email.  Click, “LOGIN.”
  7. Continue application by completing required fields in all sections of all menu labels shown in the left margin.
  8. Upon completion of each page, click the next menu label in the left margin. Repeat above process until all menu labels have been completed.
  9. On the final page, click “SUBMIT APPLICATION.”
  10. The “submit application” link will take you to a PayPal portal where you can pay the $30 application fee, online.
  11. Submit application and fee payment will trigger a notification to the Admissions Department.
  12. You will receive confirmation from the Admissions Department with instructions on continuing the application process by downloading and submitting all supporting documents.

Supporting Documents (required to complete the enrollment application)

1. Statement of Purpose

Submit an essay of 500-750 words. The statement should include your purpose for choosing CLC, your call to ministry, and a brief biographical sketch. The statement of purpose essay must be submitted in Times New Roman, 12 point, double-spaced, format. Handwritten statement of purpose is unacceptable.

2. Reference Forms and Recommendation Letters

All applicants must obtain their pastor’s recommendation and two personal recommendations.

  • The applicant’s Senior Pastor must complete the pastoral reference form accompanied by a recommendation letter, on church letterhead. The recommendation letter should reference the nature of the applicant’s Christian character and commitment to ministry.
  • Two general reference forms accompanied by a personal letter of recommendation for each form. General reference forms and recommendation letters should be submitted by a personal friend, employer, mentor, co-worker or mentor, who have known the applicant for at least two of the most recent years.

3. Official Transcripts

Applicants must request official academic transcripts from his/her high school or college. Official transcripts must be mailed from the originating Institution and must be accompanied by the official Institution seal or an official stamp. Photocopies of the transcripts are unacceptable. Homeschool transcripts must be certifiable through a state-approved curriculum agency. Mail to: Christian Life College, Office of Admissions, 9023 West Lane Stockton, CA 95210.

4. SAT or ACT  Score

SAT or ACT test results must accompany the application and supporting documents prior to admission acceptance. If you have not yet taken the SAT or ACT, or are retaking a test, you may register at to obtain SAT or ACT test dates, testing, locations and reservation ticket.

5. Student Health Requirement for On-Campus Students

Applicants are required to complete the Medical Information document provided in the application package. Medical forms include detailed instructions for completion, including documentation from applicant’s physician. Applicants choosing to opt out of immunization requirements must provide an affidavit stating religious objections.

Disclosing specific medical conditions or disabilities under the “Medical Disclosures” portion of the form are optional and not a requirement of enrollment or housing.  Any information disclosed on the form is kept strictly confidential.

Health Insurance is necessary for On-Campus students.

Vaccination Policy

The State of California mandates that first-time enrollees, 18 years old or younger, must provide proof of immunization against Hepatitis B. All students born on or after January 1st, 1957 must also provide proof of one MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccination.

Hepatitis B Immunization: The State of California mandates that first-time enrollees who are eighteen years of age or younger provide proof of full immunity against Hepatitis B prior to their enrollment. Students who enroll at Christian Life College, and who will still be under eighteen years old by the beginning of the Fall Semester, will receive the Hepatitis B information in the mail. The immunization consists of a series of three vaccinations. Students can receive further information from their health care provider or county health department.

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella): MMR is required for all new and readmitted students born on or after January 1st, 1957. Requirements may be satisfied by, providing proof of at least one MMR immunization or blood test, (titer) showing immunity. While only one MMR vaccination is currently required, two are highly recommended.

Notification of Application Receipt and Acceptance

The Office of Admissions will notify the applicant, in writing, of applicant’s admissions status, upon receipt and review of the completed application, and all required supporting documents.