Academic Committee

Academic Affairs Committee

  • Beth Smith, Chair
  • John Barron
  • Micah Johnson (Advisor)


The Academic Affairs Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors of Christian Life College as defined by the bylaws of the College.


The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for overseeing the main functions of the academic programs of the College.


The Committee will ensure that:

  • The overall academic program of the College is consistent with the institution’s mission, priorities and strategies, and that the specific academic programs are appropriate for its students;
  • The College recruits, admits and retains students appropriate to its academic programs;
  • The academic budget reflects the institution’s academic priorities;
  • Faculty personnel policies and procedures complement the College’s academic priorities;
  • The College periodically assesses the effectiveness of its academic programs;
  • The Committee considers and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning substantive policies, procedures and programs related to the academic objectives and mission of the College;
  • The Committee identifies and promotes the usefulness of integrated strategic planning; and
  • The Committee works with the College President and administration to ensure the development and implementation of a strategic plan.


The Academic Affairs Committee shall consist of a Chair plus a minimum of two additional Directors. Upon ratification of the committee’s members by the full board, committee members shall serve for a term of two-years. The Chair is responsible to schedule regular meetings, maintain records of committee action, and present the committee’s recommendations to the full board. The committee may also include non-voting members who will serve in an advisory role only (e.g. members of the College’s administration).