Summer of Service Tour

Summer of Service Tour 2017

During the months of June, July, and August, CLC sends out multiple groups of trained students to minister across North America. Their tour consists of a 10 week itinerary of ministry in local churches and district camps in Canada and the United States. The mandate given to every SOS student is simple – serve. Whether it is praying in the altars, helping in the kitchen, providing oversight for youth, cleaning, set-up and tear-down, outreach and evangelism, singing, or preaching, everything must be done with a spirit of service. It is our goal to train young men and women for genuine ministry, in whichever capacity God asks them to serve.

If you are interested in having an SOS tour come to your church or camp, simply give us a call so we can add you to our 2017 schedule. As many other pastors and leaders have discovered, the students of CLC will be a blessing as they serve the needs of God’s kingdom. Any door you can help open for ministry will be greatly appreciated and will add to the “real-world ministry education” found at Christian Life College.

For more information about this program or other internship opportunities, please contact Joanne Gresham at (209) 476-7840 or send an Email to We look forward to hearing from you as we continue to share the great things God is doing with the young ministers of Christian Life College.

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