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Thank you for choosing Christian Life College!

The Christian Life College application for admission can be accessed and submitted online. Click on the button above and follow the application instructions.
After you have completed the application process, including all required supporting documents, an email will be sent to the email address you provide. (include a link to the admissions application criteria page)

This online application is intended to be used by:

  • New or Returning students – 
(returning students who were unenrolled for one term or more).
  • Special Admit students – Dual Enrollment (those who will be enrolled in college courses while enrolled in high school at the same time).
  • International Students


  1. Izzy

    Did you have to attend clc in order to attend clc college.

  2. narges

    Hello, I wanted the email of the university to receive a scholarship at the diploma level

  3. narges

    I am 19 years old, I have a diploma of 17 and a half, I have work experience in a pharmacy and I have a middle school and high school diploma. Because I was the first Shaker, he gave me a scholarship. I took a free course after the drug discovery test. It has affected animals and humans, and I am going to take my IELTS test, but I don’t have SAT or ACT With this resume, I will get a scholarship, but IELTS will be taken in a few weeks

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